The Constant Reminder

Certain days I am reminded more than others. Whether I reach for the radio to change the station, grab my watch to adjust the time, or just bend over to try and tie my own shoe it feels like a hammer to my face knocking; “You can’t do that anymore Kirk!” I’m trying to break lifelong habits.  For 22 years I’ve done things a certain way, and now I have to relearn them. If you think it’s hard to stop biting your nails, you can’t possibly imagine!

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not that I can’t do these things anymore, instead I have to do it in a different manner.  Like a simple zipper on my jacket, for instance, I attached a zip tie creating a thumb loop and now I can unzip on my own. Or making breakfast in the morning. I just have my brother around and it’s done for me.  I actually kind of enjoy trying to figure out ways to make things easier. It’s as if everything is a big puzzle. Luckily for me, I’m not the first to go through all this. Many people have come up with different adaptive tools to make daily tasks such as eating or transferring in and out of a car 1 trillion times easier. Hell, they even have stuff now available to open jars!

The moral of the story here is that it may be easier to dwell on the large things that frustrate you, but focusing on the simple successes will carry you forward.

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  • lovin’ that picture and the blog.

  • Go, go professor gadget….you make Mr. Ed smile…and the Mrs., too! We’re celebrating the simple successes with you, Kirk.

  • So, Kirk – studying your photo – I’m going with > You’re headed west and that’s the sunrise.

    Much like this early morning addition to your blog.

    The sun is always rising and shining.

    Go well, kid.

  • Kirk,

    I love your spirit and your determination! I love that you are so positive and that there is nothing you can’t do even if it takes a bit longer to do!! I adore you and your blog!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Suzi 🙂

  • hey kirk – The gal I was telling you about here in Boulder, Jennifer Heilveil and I had lunch last week. Her husband is in a chair from polio and has been a pro para athlete. She has a few extra rugby chairs and one is a bit smaller and may fit you. She said when you are ready that she and jason would be happy to let you borrow it. Also they are a great resource to talk about any thing else you may be thinking about trying. It sounds like Jason has a great group of friends to exercise with too. I’d love to introduce you guys via email or phone.


  • love this:) you have simultaneously made me tear up and smile at the same time! we all need a little encouragment to focus on our small successes!

  • amen on the simple successes….that are no doubt the most beautiful and meaningful! blessings to you!

  • Hi Kirk…so nice to be able to pull up your site and see/read how you’re progressing. You are amazing in your determination and strength and it will carry you far in your journey. And so many people are loving you, supporting you, encouraging you and sending positive energy to add to your already positive outlook. Keep on truckin’…and “Hello” to your bro:)

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