You know out of 946 shots, 89 showable and 12 true keepers really isn’t all that bad. Or at least thats what I’ve been telling myself.

So Europe…

My trip began in London. After an all night flight from Denver to Montreal to London. I arrived mid morning and set out to grab a bite to eat before taking my fist nap of the trip.

Looking back at some of the notes I took my first day in town, I laugh at what I wrote.

I remember it vividly. I was sitting at a nice Italian restaurant, sunglasses on top of my head, fanny pack around my waist, camera sitting adjacent on top of the table. Doing anything within my power to not look like the obvious, a tourist. That lasted 2 hours.

I pulled out my phone and jotted down anything that came to mind.

– I’m going to have to get better at curbs
– What was I thinking!?
– Maybe I am a little crazy?
– I should have had more stuff planned, absolutely no idea what to do.

As the first of many fantastic cups of Illy espresso entered my system my notes changed slightly:

– Maybe this is exactly what I needed to get the creative juices flowing?
– Maybe its good to get out of the comfort zone?
– Maybe fanny packs are cool!?

After a delicious lunch, I decided to stroll down the boardwalk and see what presented itself to me.

Passing street performers, The London Eye and looking at Big Ben in the distance, I whispered quietly under my breath,”what the hell am I going to do with myself?” I traveled all night to get there and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do while I was there.







Take pictures I guess? And so that’s what I did.

The weather wasn’t always optimal for picture taking, but hey, then again, neither was my timing. I was traveling to try and capture great images, but also to get away and enjoy myself.┬áThe best time for pictures is sunrise, and sunset. Let’s just say I didn’t get a single sunrise shot- which left me with sunsets. Coincidentally, sunsets are the same time your body gets thirsty for beer then food and then bed. It was an ongoing battle.

A couple neat tidbits about London.

First, almost all of there taxis are wheelchair accessible. In most, they simply unravel a ramp that is factory built into the floor and push you in. It’s simply fantastic. The taxi drivers are self employed, eager to help, actual English speaking gentlemen and therefor making getting around the city quite enjoyable.

Secondly, beer. Delicious, cellar temperature, hand pumped luxury. Easy to see why the cities pubs are the hot spots on those rainy afternoons.


Third, magnificent gardens and buildings. Pushing around aimlessly I was often caught gaping at all the beautifully landscaped buildings. They definitely pay attention to detail over there. It seemed like even the flowers grew completely level in their freshly manicured rows.

London reminded me of an upscale New York. Much older buildings but tourist attractions, sightseeing, and more than enough places to find entertainment should you feel the urge. Much better food! I must add.

I had a wonderful 4 days and to be honest, it wasn’t an issue at all to get around on my own. No more of a pain in the ass than any other large city I’ve visited in the USA.

With London under my belt it was time to head to Italy and meet up with Clay for the two weeks….

Keep on keepin’ on

2 comments On London

  • Seriously. These are awesome photos.

    Cheers to more of the same from the rest of your trip.

    We all wish you could come to VT this weekend for the “Wedding Festival” but…. Europe vs. The Green Mountain State? (That one’s up for grabs.)

    Go well,
    John S-S

  • Nice spokes on the London eye. I? ay?
    We have a local friend of a friend who has a c-spine injury. I showed them your blog and I think it is helping them envision a path forward. Thanks.

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