Italy was a bit of a whirlwind on my trip. I flew in to meet up with Clayton but we only actually spent one day in the country. The weather there was much hotter than London and as most of you know I don’t do well with heat. I flew into Milan and stayed a night at a hostel before going to the town of Verona. Most of these pictures were taking and Verona because it was much more “Italian” feeling than Milan. We spent the one day and then hopped on a train to head to Austria.

Clay doing some scetching


Catching the sunset

Panoramic castle

From another angle

Dinner in the alley

Delicious it was

Passing the hundreds of wine vineyards on the way to Austria

We just kept on keeping’ on

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  • Wow, I have been to Italy twice (before kids, of coarse) and I so miss it. Thanks for the pictures and I hope you had some great Italian vino. Marcie

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