Waking up this morning after spending the entire day yesterday drinking at the Lyons folk festival lets just say I was less than the eager to be productive. Rolling slowly through my house weaving through shirts and tennis shoes I stumbled upon the fortune cookie on the counter from my Chinese food a few nights ago. Smashing it open, it told me all I need to know. I guess you can’t really complain when you base your Sunday around what a fortune cookie tells you. So here are my words of the day. The deeds will follow


After checking Italy off the list of countries to see we moved on to Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck was the home of the winter Olympics in both 1964 and 1976. We spent a couple days here checking out with the streets and taking in the beautiful scenery. It was mostly overcast and cloudy but we had a few chances to see the peaks from time to time. The ski jump peers over the town with athority as if it were there first.

I didn’t take this next shot but it gives the feeling of what it would be like to stand atop this sucker..

No way!

We started through the park

Where Clay pondered the meaning of life

Cruised over bridges

To find where Austrian’s go for fun

Hung out with street performers

And payed attention to what was close

As well as far

Greeted those passerby’s

And found paths less traveled

Then rented a car and were on our way to the corner of Germany..

Keep on Keepin’ on

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