As beautiful and picturesque as Europe was I figured I would take this time to show you just how pretty the United States of America can be too! Actually, I’m in Virginia and although I have all my pictures with me on a hard drive I will be re-editing a bunch of work on my dad’s computer (which doesn’t like my file sizes) that I already have completed back in Colorado so I am going to wait to continue my Europe experience until I return home tomorrow.

Now, all that being said, I went up to Aspen about a week ago to hang out with a buddy and watch the Colorado Pro cycling challenge road bicycle race. We drove up to close to 12,000 feet in elevation to watch the athletes come over the crest and start descending. For those of you didn’t never been at high altitude it is extremely hard to breathe! I was out of breath just trying to take off my sweatshirt and after just a few sips off a Coors light I felt as though I had drank a case all by myself! Whammy!

Meanwhile, all the cyclists were doing a 130 mile stage with almost 10,000 feet of climbing! The average well over 23 mph for the entire state which is practically inhuman! Many of these guys competed in the Tour De France just months before.

Where we posted up on the descent had a good vantage point because we could see them coming towards us as well as the road wrapped around beneath us. We could easily see a few miles of road from this one spot being that the trees are sparse this high up.
Some of these riders hit speeds had excess of 65 mph on the descent!

Sounds a lot like a death wish to me!

As you can see, Bella was thrilled

I played with the fish eye

This is who won!


So the real reason I came back to Virginia was to go to my good friend Bobby and now Emily Carson’s wedding. They live on the farm where we hosted the Rollout last year and had a beautiful wedding. Although it was raining throughout most of the day, the rain stopped just long enough to do the ceremony and get into the tent for the after party!

Waiting for the bride

Leaving with her

It’s always fun to come home and see old friends

Dance a little bit

And of course hang out with the family

Only one more day of humidity and then back to CO.

-Keep on Keepin’ on

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