Taking Forever

(I wrote most this over a month ago am just now hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button. If it seems outdated, thats because it is…)

I’m sitting in my room and noticing just what condition my life is currently in. Long story short, it’s a mess…

I haven’t cleaned my van in over three months and I have basically been living out of it. I have anything from open bottles of Crown Royal to 10+ pairs of clothes, random rzr parts, dog hair galore, stuff from Lake Powell, photography equipment, oh yeah and did I mention the large hot mocha and ketchup packets that Bella exploded all over the dash and windshield for me?

My room isn’t much better where I have 3 unopened boxes of back-stock medical supplies, suitcases filled with half filthy clothes, dog hair piling up in every corner rolling across the floor like tumbleweed every time I pass, and my pee infested bed I have been sleeping on for at least 2 weeks. Nasty

I wish I could blame Bella for the pee but you see I have a temperamental bladder. I’m still trying to figure out why it doesn’t alway cooperate the way it should. It’s frustrating but another ‘perk’ to being an SCI. You get to know your pee on a real personal level. More personal than anyone ever should.

Therefore, rather than cleaning, I’ve just been sleeping fully clothed. I really do this for two main reasons.
1. I don’t have to strain every functional muscle I have in the morning to put my pants right back on.
2. Let’s be serious, I don’t want to touch pee infested shit either.

So I sit here and ask myself, “Why is this? Come on Kirk, something’s gotta change.”

My conclusion is because I am stubborn as hell! I now do everything almost entirely on my own. It takes one hell of a lot longer than it used to. 15min to put the wash in the drier instead of 30sec…ect… and when you’re busy having so much fun like I’ve been it’s hard for me to take that much time to stay organized. I feel much better when everything is clean and a remarkable satisfaction when I do it myself but it just plain takes FOREVER.

So in a way, I’ll be the first to say I’m excited for the daylight savings time change. Less daylight means less time outdoors and more time inside to get myself organized. It’s crazy how on top of it I have to act in order for life to move smoothly.

The way I figure it…. this new scale of how long it takes to do things is my new ‘normal’ so I might as well start practicing my skills now. Like everything else, with time it’ll just become second nature and hopefully much faster.

Now, check out some visual recaps of why my life is in such disorganized filthy unsanitary shambles here at the house.

I think it’s totally worth it… 🙂


Welcome to Lake Powell

It’s really an amazing piece of landscape.

This 80ft beaute is where I called home for about a week. No cell signal, no chores, and no obligations other than to relax and feed Bella twice a day.

We had access to adaptive waterskiing off of two different ski boats.

Some of us are better than others…

I’m particularly good at drinking beer in an inner tube 😉

As usual, Topher killed it on the ski. I conveniently took this photo from my nice comfy bed on the engine cover on the back of the boat. Snap a few pics and go back to sleep. It’s a rough job but somebody has got to do it.

Topher had a terrible time as you can see.

So did I

But as they say, all good things must come to an end and this was no exception. The week ended, the packing began and the 10+ hour drive to Jackson hole was under way.

I drove a few hours the first night and set up camp in a quaint little junkyard/parking lot with Topher right off of I70.Topher did his usual superman quadriplegic tent pitch while I lazily rolled out of my chair into my bed in the back of my van. God I love how easy my van is, I don’t know where I’d be without it!

Morning came with the sweet smell of diesel fuel and roar of semi-trucks buzzing up the highway.

“Good morning Gizmo” Topher yells from outside, “I’m going to get on the road.”

Topher calls me Gizmo now because of all the gizmo’s and gadgets I use to make my life as easy as possible.

“I’ve been injured for 17 years and you still teach me new tricks,” Topher says .

“I still have a lot to learn old man” I reply with a smirk.

Apparently the diesel fumes affected Topher more than me for while I was still sleeping, Topher managed to get up, put his tent away, brush his teeth, and snack on a bite to eat.

“See ya man, it was fun. Drive safe,” I yell from my warm sleeping bag.

“You too,” and he hopped in his car and left.

I slowly climbed out of bed and lit a breakfast bowl (which is legal in CO now) because I was on vacation… after all. Almost immediately after my first toke, my productivity plummeted. All I had to do that day was set up my bathroom chair, use the restroom, and drive the remaining 8 hours to Jackson. It suddenly seemed like unmanageable, never possible, checklist.

Shuffling through my van I was able to find one last Starbucks Frappachino and I knew I’d make it through the day after all.

I took care of my business, threw everything else on top of the bed and climbed into the drivers seat for the long drive ahead.

Somewhere along the Wyoming/Utah border in BFE cow country the sun setting lit up the sky with multiple shades of red, blue, purple, and orange. With a fresh tank of gas, windows cracked, a good song on the radio, and a fresh cup of ice coffee from McDonalds drive through (so I didn’t have to get out) I hadn’t a care in the world.

Leaving the city limits of Randolph with its population of 474, I began to speed back up to 60mph.

“Making good time” I said over to Bella who was passed out drooling on the armrest of the passenger seat.

Admiring the sunset one last time before it dissaped behind the horizon line, my car suddenly jerked, SLAM!!!

I knew exactly what it was. Bambie

“Shit Bella! This isn’t good” as I look down at my dash that just lit up like a Christmas tree w check engine lights, cruise, ABS, and every other electronic warning system.

As the steam began to billow from under my hood, I knew that trip to Jackson just got a bit more interesting.

After talking to AAA about getting a tow, a local rancher informed me that they buy brush guards to see how far they can boot deer rather than hitting the brakes.

Little late for that tip.

3 hours later around 10:00 the tow truck finally pulled up. I asked the driver if he would take be the remaining 150 miles to Jackson to which he replied, “Son, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“My boss said to do whatever is easiest for you,” the he continued, “so if you want to stay in your van, or ride in the cab with me, it’s up to you.”

“You don’t have to say that twice” I replied, “I have a bed in the back of my van so I’ll stay here.”

Once we were all loaded it up, I wished him a safe drive and had him snap a pic real quick for the record.

“flash your lights if you need anything,” he said as he climbed into the drivers seat and we took off.

I spent my first of two nights in the parking lot of the auto body place to save money on hotels. It wasn’t the nicest of campsites but not to bad all things considered.

Thankfully insurance covered everything and I’m back up and rolling again.


Then my folks got into Jackson. Dad rode his motorcycle out while mom took the more time efficient means, flight.

Had to go to the legendary Oxbow Bend

Where early morning reflections are practically handed to you on a silver platter.

Back to the Mormon Barns

Up to Yellowstone

And just had a fantastic trip.

The following week I attended a photography workshop that was amazingly inspiring.

Bella modeled

And I tried some new angles

And some more normal..

Was just really nice out there, though a few clouds would have made for much more interesting pictures…

Moving on….

Finally got my rzr back from being fixed


And it’s running better than it ever has before 🙂

ANNNNDDD thats as far as I’ve made it. More to come..

Keep on Keepin’ on

2 comments On Taking Forever

  • Your description of keeping up with the housekeeping, reminded me of trying to wash my jeans in Togo. Hauling water, slopping heavy wet red dirt dusty jeans around in a basin, trying to wring them out, then hauling more water, rinsing …I had the same sensation of everything taking much longer this new way.

    I mentioned my friend of a friend Arash in a previous comment. He has a blog going now that you might like. I have recommended yours to him too.

    • We have periods in our lives when we feel like we are slogging through cement. Life is not always easy, but I find strenghth in my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives me hope and and even when I fall down He gives me strength to go on. I now struggle with walking. I feel like a snail. My house is also a mess. I go swimming 3 times a week. I did clean the bathroom and it felt so good. Mabey try and set small goals like clean the dashboard. Kirk ask the Lord Jesus for help and He will help you. Love & Prayers, Jeff & Ellen

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