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  1. Kirk! It sounds like you have been keeping busy despite your lazy feelings! 🙂

    I bet it was exciting to play and talk with some Olympians! I know you are going to be a rugby pro here soon! It doesn’t take you long to pick things up!

    The fundraiser looks like it was a big hit! I wish I could have made it, but living in Alexandria, VA and sunday traffic made it a little more difficult. I was definitely thinking about you while I was out on my run yesterday 🙂 I am training for a race here in DC for mid March.

    Well another week down and a lot accomplished! So proud of you KIRK! Thinking about you always! Much love & positive energy coming your way!

    Cheers to another wonderful week,

  2. If I were to ever go to a spin class, this was the one I would have attended! It was great to hear the stories of so many people coming out, and the few who actually rode for 6 straight classes! Unbelievable.

    Still loving your blog, all of the updates, and the details of your recovery and transformation. You should definitely keep all of this backed up and archived. It could be a book one day for sure. Seriously.

    Much Love,


  3. Kirk,

    I just found out about your accident this past week. I spoke with your Dad and he gave me your website address. I read your blog and it seems as if you’re making good progress. It was God’s providence that the accident occurred with a neurosurgeon and he was able to keep you still until the EMT’s arrived. Please know that I care and will be keeping you in my prayers. I have a ‘blast from the past’ (picture) I would like to share with you. Please respond by email.

    Your former elementary school principal and friend,

    Bob Crummette

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