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It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to global brands, companies are reaching out to digital agencies, responding to the new possibilities available. However, the industry is fast becoming overcrowded, heaving with agencies offering similar services — on the surface, at least. Producing creative, fresh projects is the key to standing out. Unique side projects are the best place to innovate, but balancing commercially and creatively lucrative work is tricky. So, this article looks at

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Taking Forever


(I wrote most this over a month ago am just now hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button. If it seems outdated, thats because it is…) I’m sitting in my room and noticing just what condition my life is currently in. Long story short, it’s a mess… I haven’t cleaned my van in over three months and I have basically been living out of it. I have anything from open bottles of Crown Royal to 10+ pairs of clothes, random rzr

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Paragliding through paradise

Who wants to fly? ‘Para’gliding… seems like a misnomer after last weeks adventure. Could be called tetragliding now…  “It’s not so much the flying part that I’m worried about. It’s more the taking off and landing,” I questioned one of the paragliding instructors at Jackson Hole Paragliding. “Well, once we take off we will land” Matt assured me with a chuckle. “You’ll be fine.” Works for me, I thought and continued with my ‘sign your life away’ check in papers.

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Food for thought and more…

What does this look like to you? For most of you it looks like a dream refrigerator filled with endless numbers of condiments, leftovers, juices, vegetables, you name it – chances are we’ve got it! It’s something that any frat house would dream of filled with endless surprises and combinations. Well, not me. For me and looks more like a very carefully planned out game of Jenga. A game that is just one move away from completely and uncontrollably collapsing.

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As beautiful and picturesque as Europe was I figured I would take this time to show you just how pretty the United States of America can be too! Actually, I’m in Virginia and although I have all my pictures with me on a hard drive I will be re-editing a bunch of work on my dad’s computer (which doesn’t like my file sizes) that I already have completed back in Colorado so I am going to wait to continue my

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Waking up this morning after spending the entire day yesterday drinking at the Lyons folk festival lets just say I was less than the eager to be productive. Rolling slowly through my house weaving through shirts and tennis shoes I stumbled upon the fortune cookie on the counter from my Chinese food a few nights ago. Smashing it open, it told me all I need to know. I guess you can’t really complain when you base your Sunday around what

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