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  1. Kirk, I think your parents have seen more snow in Ashland since they came home then you got out there….very odd. They are still calling for more. Hanover people are not handling this well at all. My daughter is loving all the time off from school. Enjoy all the new toys!!! Sleep well in the new bed.
    Susan Parsely

  2. What’s up buddy? Good to see that you’re doin well! The new blog looks awesome by the way, and I’m jealous to hear that you get to see Bela Fleck.

    Also, I’m looking to make a trip out your way in March. I’ll be stayin with my cousin Aaron in Denver to do some snowboardin, and I certainly plan on comin out to see you as well! I’ll let you know once the details are worked out.

    Can’t wait to see ya,

  3. Kirk – It was nice to finally meet you this weekend. Since Tim and Marcie sent me your caringbridge link quite some time ago, I have been checking in regularly to see how you are doing. And, honestly, often to get a little encouragement. I wonder if you know how many lives you are touching with your website. I’m inspired to be a little more positive and a little more appreciative of each and every day when I read your posts. May God bless you and your family as you continue to heal.

    On a separate note, my son Michael was so crazy about Bella as you know.. I think playing with Bella and Ruby were close to the top of his list on the highlights from the trip.

    All the best,
    Jenifer Moore Brennan

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