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Italy was a bit of a whirlwind on my trip. I flew in to meet up with Clayton but we only actually spent one day in the country. The weather there was much hotter than London and as most of you know I don’t do well with heat. I flew into Milan and stayed a night at a hostel before going to the town of Verona. Most of these pictures were taking and Verona because it was much more “Italian”

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Note to self….

NEVER EVER EVER EVER MESS WITH COMPUTER CODING!!!!! I thought I lost EVERYTHING!! Getting back on track more to come


You know out of 946 shots, 89 showable and 12 true keepers really isn’t all that bad. Or at least thats what I’ve been telling myself. So Europe… My trip began in London. After an all night flight from Denver to Montreal to London. I arrived mid morning and set out to grab a bite to eat before taking my fist nap of the trip. Looking back at some of the notes I took my first day in town, I

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Must be tough…

I’m always up for a new experience. I think it’s important to try almost anything at least once. Life is too short to shy away from the “more interesting” things if you will. This being said, I have now been to a desert music festival similar to what I would imagine Burning Man to be like. I have trudged through sideways sand storms and in turn experienced the exfoliating pleasure that sand has to offer in each and every crevice

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Back ‘N Action

Oh yeah! I’m back and ready to bring the blog back up to speed. I’ve had a bit of a leave if absence for some time now along with a few technical difficulties but those days are over and I’m back for vengeance. So prepare you eyes to be bombarded with pictures, videos, and possibly a word here and there to glue it all together. To say that a lot has happened in the last few weeks would be an

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The Constant Reminder

Certain days I am reminded more than others. Whether I reach for the radio to change the station, grab my watch to adjust the time, or just bend over to try and tie my own shoe it feels like a hammer to my face knocking; “You can’t do that anymore Kirk!” I’m trying to break lifelong habits.  For 22 years I’ve done things a certain way, and now I have to relearn them. If you think it’s hard to stop

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